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How You Can Find a Healthy Meal in Lincoln, Nebraska

Cardiac arrest kills more than 250,000 Americans each year. Sadly, most cases of cardiovascular disease can be readily attributed to non-hereditary factors, such as a sedentary lifestyle and poor diet. Once you are armed with the proper knowledge, eating a heart-healthy diet is not that difficult, especially in Lincoln where there are so many smart dining options. In this post, we will start off with the basics of a heart-healthy diet and then tell you about a few of Lincoln's best healthy eating establishments.

Eating Healthy

Not only will the following tips lessen your chance of developing cardiovascular disease, but they will also have auxiliary benefits, such as improving your cholesterol and lowering blood pressure. All around, adhering to these simple guidelines can help you drastically improve the outcome of your Nebraska life insurance medical exam as well as improve and lengthen your life.

  • Eat less fat. A high-fat diet is more likely to include unhealthy fats that lead to heart disease, such as trans and saturated fats. Thus, you can lower your risk by reducing your consumption of high-fat foods, such as cheese, butter, meat, and whole milk.
  • Eat less sodium. Excess sodium in the diet raises blood pressure, thus taxing the heart by forcing it to work harder. To reduce sodium intake, avoid cooking or seasoning with salt and try to avoid processed and frozen foods.
  • Eat fewer calories. A caloric surplus, or consuming more calories than you use each day, will result in weight gain, another risk factor for this disease. Recommended daily caloric intakes vary by age, weight, and gender, but generally range from 1,300-2,000.
  • Boost your fiber intake. Consuming several servings of high-fiber foods like whole grains, fruits, and vegetables can help lower your risk of disease. Most women should consume 25 grams of fiber per day, while men should aim for 35 grams per day.
For more information on healthy eating and heart-disease prevention efforts in your area, contact your local American Heart Association: American Heart Association - Lincoln Division 1540 S 70th St Ste 100 Lincoln, NE 68506 402-489-5115

Healthy Lincoln Dining

If you know what to look for on the menu, you can choose healthy options at almost any restaurant. Lincoln residents can consult the Nebraska Restaurant Association for local dining choices or refer to our suggestions below.

  • Open Harvest Natural Foods Co-Op. To stock up on healthy and natural foods, visit the Open Harvest Co-Op on 1618 South St Lincoln, NE 68522. Though it is open to the public, Open Harvest also offers member discounts and benefits. They carry a wide selection of vitamins and supplements, organic fruits and vegetables, deli foods, and vegetarian options. Call 402-475-9069 for hours and more information.
  • Oso Burrito. Oso Burrito makes healthy eating possible even on the go. Located at 1451 O St Lincoln, NE 68508, Oso Burrito offers whole-wheat tortillas, a variety of vegetable fillings, and the option to substitute tofu for meat when desired. Call 402-477-1717 to place a take-out order.
  • Taj Mahal Cuisine of India. For delicious and healthy Indian cuisine, visit the Taj Mahal Indian restaurant on 5500 Old Cheney Rd Lincoln, NE 68516. The Taj Mahal also allows diners to substitute tofu for meats in any dish. Call 402-420-1133 for hours and more information.

Eating healthy doesn't mean you can't enjoy your meals any longer. You'll quickly realize the benefits of a healthy diet and the impact will be lifelong. Your life insurance company will also reward you with better rates on your policy.

Regular aerobic activity like walking can help you improve the results of your Nebraska life insurance medical exam